This is the second compilation of
Lori Lovecraft stories with an introduction
by Walter Simonson.

There is a whole cast of Hollywood
characters starting with onetime screen
siren Danke Schoen who hires private eye 
R.C. Bowen to find the child she gave up 
for adoption years ago. And then there is
the romantic triangle of Lori, her current beau
producer Allen Roberts and onetime flame
R.C. ...all following a trail that has them
crossing paths with basketball star Lenny 
"the Legend" Raven, the Mayor of LA and
the devious Amanda Temple, a Hollywood 
player who heads the insidious Cabal.
And that's just part one.

Add to that singing icons Elston Gunn and
Astrid Thompson, who were a decade ago the
reigning pop king and queen of Rock 'n Roll... 
they are all after the Necronomicon, the fabulous
book of spells that Lori has in her possession and 
they will stop at nothing to get it. Even 
Indian shaman Black Crow shows up to
make things more interesting.

All this concludes when Lori and R.C. make
an unexpected side trip into Voodoo Mansion
to confront Astrid and Elston and face
a final showdown over possession of
the Necronomicon.

Also in this volume are four separate
Voodoo Mansion tales featuring macrobiologist
Zelda and her science experiment zombie
beau, Horatio. Wacky, zany and
definitely way out there!

And don't forget the special
sketchbook section featuring lots of
cool drawings by Vox!

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