At nineteen with her innocent beauty and body
to die for, Lori Lovecraft had no shortage
of offers on her questfor the Hollywood dream.
But at thrity, withouttalent or clout she's an aging
has-been and thedream is turning into a nightmare.
Her last chance is DAME IN DANGER, a no
budgetflick by cult director Derik VonVon, who's
looking to make a comeback himself.

Unfortunately for Lori and co-star Allen Roberts,
VonVon and his punk rock protege Natasha Reich
have more devious plans. Using the forbidden
occult book the NECRONOMICON, Von Von
and Natasha makea deal with Amma Ton, a
sorcerer trapped in the nether dimensions.
The evil duo have marked Lori and Allen as
sacrifices to the demon BiFrons in exchange
for the dark necromantic secrets of Amma
Ton For Amma Ton it means freedom after
centuries and he strikes a reluctant bargain.It is
only then that he discovers Lori is a dead ringer
for his lost love, Ayesha.Then, literally all hell
breaks loose! To escape this doom Lori has to
seek the strength and knowledge from the one
source she's never to to: herself. Does Lori
survive? Of course she does, you dolt! There's
four more stories after this one! But seeing the
climax unfold is well worth the is any
climax with Lori. Hollywood like you've
never seen it!! 


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