Zelda and Horation were first introduced in the Lori Lovecraft tale, The Dark Lady.
Now this odd couple returns in their own spin off series of whimsical twisted stories.
She was a microbiologist in need of a subject. He was a corpse in need of a life.
They met on the coroner's slab and out of this weird science project
and epic romance was born.
A dose of her serum and ounce of his charm go a long way when you're
caretakers at the world's strangest crossroads. It's a place where 2 + 2
isn't always 4. Where darkness falls at noon and the sun rises at midnight.
Where the old can be young, and the dead alive.
Everybody plays at Zombie Love...
Everyone's got a doorway to Voodoo Mansion.

A compilation featuring all the self contained Voodoo Mansion stories featured in the Lori Lovecraft
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