Mike Vosburg began working in the field or art in the early 1970s as a freelance cartoonist. His earliest jobs were for publisher Denis Kitchen in his underground comics. He soon moved on to working for a number of traditional comic houses including Western Publishing, Charlton, Marvel and DC. At the latter two he was best know for his renditions of their sexy heroines such as Starfire and Ms. Marvel.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1984, Voz started working in animation for TMS, Hanna-Barbera and Marvel Productions on such features as G.I Joe, Jem, Galtar, and the Bionic Six.

One of his favorite projects was HBO's TALES FROM THE CRYPT. Originally hired to do concept drawings for the wraparound sequence, Mike also storyboarded the title segment as well as illustrating EVERY cover used in the 93 episodes. One of the job perks was to shoot reference photos of the hundreds of guest stars including Wendy Malick, Kirk Douglas, Mimi Rogers...the list goes on. He also found time to fill in when needed as a storyboard artist on some of the shows.. To top it off, he also appeared twice in a cameo appearance, thus fulfilling a childhood acting fantasy.

Working on the visual images at LA’s MUSEUM OF TOLERANCE was a real labor of love. Voz created a series of oversized comic book panels for a wall display as well as creating a series of large revolving murals and several other drawings for displays. How often do you get a chance to have your work hang in a museum.

Film is another area Mike has worked in over the years, storyboarding scenes for a number of well known directors including John Frankenheimer, Bob Zemeckis, Allen Arkush and Gil Adler...on projects as diverse as David Mamet’s The Water Engine, The Elian Gonzalez Story, Prince Charming and Demon Knight. For Walden Media he worked on Journey to the Center of the Earth, and all three of the Chronicles of Narnia films. Another very enjoyable project with Walden was creating a pitch with director Gavin Hood (Totsei, Wolverine,Ender's Game) about the beginnings of the Ididerot. More recently he has storyboards a number of planned projects for actor Will Smith, including the never version of the musical Annie.

LORI LOVECRAFT and his comic book projects still draw him back to his roots.. Just don’t ask Mike to name his favorite comic character at Marvel Comics-he doesn’t have one. After years of trying to be a square peg, Voz left traditional comics to pursue his own creations, including Off-Castes, Lori Lovecraft, Mummy’s Boy,Retrowood and the upcoming the Mad Mummy- the last two being projects desiqned specifically for the web. While the money has always been bad, drawing comics is still his first love.

Never having the opportunity to attend art school, Vosburg learned his craft from the help and guidance of many of the artists he’s worked with through the years: Howard Chaykin, Joe Kubert, Alex Toth, Leonard Starr and so many others. The REELART paintings that Voz has been creating the past few years reflect the influence of illustration. N.C. Wyeth, Dean Cornwell, Charles Dana Gibson, J.C. Lyendecker, Rockwell, Coby Whitmore, Austin Briggs, Noel Sickles, Bernie Fuchs, Drew Struzan, Bob Peak and especially Bob McGinnins and Robert Fawcett have been his sources of inspiration. (Inspiration was once defined by the late, great Wally Wood as: Never DRAW what you can COPY, neverCOPY what you can trace, and never TRACE what you can XEROX. Wally would have loved Photoshop...and used it beautifully.)

A resident of Los Angeles who loves the sunshine and mountains, Mike was born and raised in the cold gloomy confines of Michigan. Vosburg kept his creative spirit alive by staring at N.C. Wyeth illustrations in the local library and reading Sax Rohmer's Fu Manchu stories and anything else that would send chills down his spine. While TV was banned in his household for many years he found his solace at the local cheap movie theaters; his favorites were Alfred Hitchcock thrillers and Bob Hope comedies. And of course, he read every comic he could lay his hands on.

Mike is married to his beautiful wife Annie who is a successful jewelry designer. They are both allowed to share space with Repo the Cat.